Mom discovers adopted daughter’s twin

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The now 10-year-old girls were separated at 15 months when they were adopted by two different families in the U.S. (Source: WAOW/CNN)

WAUSAU, WI (WAOW/CNN) – A mom in Wisconsin gave her adopted daughter quite a Christmas surprise: she discovered the girl had an identical twin.

Jennifer Doering was trying to find a special Christmas gift for her daughter, 10-year-old Audrey. But while researching Audrey’s history, Doering found two different finding ads, articles that were put in the paper when the girls were adopted.

“We just happened to stumble upon an extra picture, and from there, we were able to find that there were two of them,” Doering said.

Audrey and her twin, Gracie Rainsberry, were separated at 15 months when they were adopted out by two different families in the United States. Audrey ended up in Wisconsin while Gracie lives in Washington.

Since finding each other, the girls have talked over FaceTime often. They say they both like the same foods, including Alfredo and macaroni and cheese.

“Our laugh is the same, our mannerisms. We talk the same,” Audrey said.

The girls also share a more serious similarity: cardiac defects that have required open-heart surgery. But both of them have made it through.

For Audrey, who’s always wanted a sister, her Christmas wish came true.

The families plan on getting together several times next year. They’ll spend spring break in California, and Audrey plans to go to Washington over the summer.