Empty gift boxes could attract criminals to your home

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. -- It was the day after Christmas when Mike Victory, a Collierville resident, took out his garbage.

"Oh, we had a great Christmas," he said.

However, the gifts he exchanged with his family could be in danger if he is not careful.

"Here's the thing. They're not thinking like a thief," Earle Farrell, spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff's Office, said.

The SCSO and other law enforcement agencies in the area are warning Mid-Southerners that their empty gift boxes could entice to Grinch to show up.

"You just don't want to advertise what you just got for Christmas," Farrell said. "What we advise doing is tearing them up, put them in your garbage container, or tear them up, put them in black garbage bags."

"Unless they're going to take the black bag and open it up, they don't know what's inside of it," Victory told WREG.

Law enforcement officials said residents should recycle what they can.

However, if recycling is not an options, deputies said keep the boxes out of the public's eye.

"People work hard for what they have, and some people think they don't have to work for it and they just deserve it," Victory said.

Deputies said it is important for residents to do what they can do to help limit the chances of becoming a victim.