MPD: Christmas Eve shooting leaves 1 dead, another critical

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police said one man is dead, another is in critical condition after a shooting in Orange Mound.

Throughout Saturday evening, detectives investigated at the Know It All market, off Park Avenue, where they said they initially received reports of shots fired around 5:30 p.m. However, it wasn't the only scene they were looking into. A block away, multiple investigators were at a park that was also covered in crime scene tape.

On Christmas Eve, Lewis-Davis Park off Pendelton was covered in blue lights.

"I heard gunshots. Car pulled up, jumped the curb, spun around there," said witness Jimmy Moore.

Saturday evening detectives shined their flashlights into a white Dodge Charger that had wrecked in the park after gunfire at the convenience store. An officer said initially four people were taken to the hospital but last word one man was in critical condition and a second was dead.

"I think every day this week there's been a shooting on this strip," said Napoleon Henderson.

Those living in the area said seeing crime scene tape is sadly nothing unusual. Moore has strong words about the violence.

"These young brothers need to come together instead of shooting at each other. We ain't gonna get nowhere if we fall," he said.

On a holiday weekend that is supposed to be about hope and joy, multiple families are experiencing heartbreak.

"It's Christmas Eve and everybody is supposed to be happy and rejoice, you're supposed to be with your family, your friends," said Moore.

As of Saturday night, police said they had detained two women for questioning.