‘This is what happens when you steal’; Couple charged in brutal Snapchat beating

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MILWAUKEE — Two people were charged after they posted video of a man’s death on the victim’s Snapchat account.

Devin Katzfey, 20, and Sarah Zakzesky, 20, each face one count of first-degree reckless homicide in the death of Delvin Mendoza-Chaparro, WITI reported.

In all, investigators said three videos were uploaded to Mednoza-Chaparro’s account.

The first showed him lying on the floor bloodied, but still alive.

“You got knocked the (expletive) out (expletive). Don’t ever come and steal. You know who this is. This is Superman,”Katzfey is heard saying.

In the second, the victim is seen in the doorway of an apartment with blood covering his face and mouth.

“This is what happens when you fight an (expletive) like me,” Katzfey is heard saying. “You hear me? That’s what happens when you steal.”

In the final video, the man kicks the victim, knocking him to the ground.

Zakzesky told investigators she told Katzfey they needed to take the man to the hospital but he refused to do so.

Instead they put him in a car and dumped him in a snowbank by garbage cans. He was reportedly unconscious when they left him.


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