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Australian police thwart Christmas day attack

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AUSTRALIA — Australian police announced Friday morning that they have made several arrests while executing search warrants in connection with an ongoing investigation into a plot to commit a “multi-mode” terrorist attack, “possibly on Christmas day,” according to Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton.

On Friday, Abdullah Chaarani, 26; Hamza Abbas, 21; Ahmed Mohamed 24, and a 22-year-old unidentified man were charged with planning the attack, reported an Australian news source.

All four will remain in custody until their next court appearance in April 2017.

A fifth man is still in custody.

Two others were taken into custody but have since been released.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called the arrests “one of the most substantial terrorist plots that have been disrupted over the last several years.”

“They want to frighten Australians, they want to divide Australians, they want us to turn on each other…But we will not let them,” he added.

Turnbull went on to say that the terror suspects were planning on using explosive devices in the city’s business district, CNN reported.

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