Shelby County officials monitoring winter weather blast

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Officials at the Shelby County Emergency Preparedness Center monitored weather radar and other tools as the first threat of wintry precipitation hit the Mid-South Saturday night.

“We’re going to be watching those cameras on TDOT to see if vehicles have problems on the roadway,” director Dale Lane said.

Officials said they were focusing on bridges and overpasses, especially the new flyover for Interstates 40 and 240.

“We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen with this. Traditionally we’ve had to shut it down a couple of times temporarily,” Lane said.

Tennessee Department of Transportation officials said they had the same focus in planning to deploy salt trucks.

“As temperatures drop, our crews around West Tennessee are going to come in around midnight and start concentrating, putting some salt down,” TDOT spokesperson Nichole Lawrence said.

Memphis officials also said the city had 15 salt trucks ready to deploy clearing the way for roads to hospitals, firehouses and police stations.

Officials said people should stay inside if they can.

If you do have to drive, just make sure you tell someone where you're going, have a full gas tank and pack extra layers in case you break down.

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