Shelby County K9 Unit surprises 3 sisters with pup for Christmas

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Payne sisters lost their family pet Monday, but by Friday they gained a new addition to their circle.

"We didn’t know we were getting a dog, we are like really excited," said Bella Payne.

In a matter of moments, the girls came up with the name Jolly, a name they found fitting for the very lovable pup.

The Shelby County K9 Unit is made up of a tough group of men, but these guys say their hearts melted after hearing the sisters' dog Bo died after being hit by a car.

"We were told that the girls were crying themselves to sleep every night, and we thought it was a good opportunity to put a smile on their face," said Lt. Chris Harris.

The girls only had one wish, they wanted a new dog, but so close to Christmas making the wish happen seemed dim for the Paynes.

"As a daddy it’s overwhelming to watch people care about my kids like that," said Shaun Payne.

Without ever meeting the girls or their parents, the K9 Unit vowed to get the girls a dog and make sure they get the Jolly Christmas they deserve.

"We are going to teach her commands in German and get her new toys, and those toys will go in her stocking," said Bella Payne.

The early Christmas present that proved priceless for three little girls.