Man charged with vehicular homicide

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EAST MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A crash happened on 6480 Quince Rd on December 15, 2016, at 6:50 pm.

Memphis Police reports that Jamal Saulsberry had been driving westbound on Quince when he swerved to avoid a vehicle in front of him turning right into 6480 Quince Rd.

Saulsberry advised that he went around the vehicle and struck a car making a left turn across his path.

A witness told police that he heard Saulsberry approaching him from behind and that when Saulsberry passed him on the left at a high rate of speed, striking the second car on the passenger side.

The car that was hit with a drive and a passenger inside the car.  A 64-year-old female who was transported in critical condition from the scene.

As well as a 61-year-old male who was transported to Regional One in critical condition, but later died at the hospital and was pronounced dead.

When MPD examined the scene, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana inside and out of the vehicle. Along with a small baggie containing a substance that appeared to be marijuana.

Police say that Saulsberry also had a smell of marijuana and bloodshot eyes. He was transported to the MPD Traffic Bureau and was charged with Aggravated Assault, Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Driving, and Vehicular Homicide.