Burglar on the run after breaking into houses on Mud Island

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A burglar is on the run after breaking into houses on Mud Island.

WREG talked to a neighbor, who spoke to the thief but didn't realize it until it was too late.

"I saw the burglar, he was by himself loading up a TV into an SUV that was parked in the alleyway," said Tim Maestas.

Maestas has lived on Island Harbor Drive for a year now, and a burglar is the last thing he says he expected to see this morning.

He walked through what happened: "I didn't recognize him, he looked very suspicious because the cord for the TV was dangling and he was in a rush. He saw me and I said hello to him, and then he said hi back and got in his car and took off."

Two houses broken into and a lot of items stolen.

"My neighbors tell me they lost some electronics, some computers, some TVs, and the house right next door to this one, their TV was taken and a little bit of jewelry," said Maestas.

Maestas said he called 911 on the way to work and his wife spread the word to neighbors, but this isn't the first time the burglar has been in the area.

He said his neighbors say they saw the same man just last week driving up and down the street casing houses.

"I hear of the occasional break-in, but we've never been so concerned that we're afraid to leave our houses, now we are," said Maestas.

WREG knocked on the his neighbors' doors, but we got no answer; of course, with a burglar on the run, a lot people in the area are on edge tonight.

"We're obviously concerned for our home and our stuff, but we can only do so much besides locking the doors and keeping our lights on," said Maestas.

He described the car the burglar was driving as like a mid-2000 model maroon Chevy Suburban, but his license plate was bent so you could not read the number on the plate.