Tate County parents concerned about disturbing student drawings

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TATE COUNTY, Miss. — Two stick figures side by side, but it’s not a friendly picture — one figure appears to be aiming a gun at the other’s head.

"The note said 'me question mark you' and it spelled my daughter’s name."

For Coleman Grimmett, this isn’t just child’s play, it’s bullying, a threat he feels is being directed toward his 11-year-old daughter.

He says he immediately filed a report with Tate County Sheriff’s Department.

WREG reached out to the departmen,t and it confirmed it is looking into the matter, but Grimmett says that’s not enough.

"It should be communicated, and it shouldn’t be something that isn’t swept under the rug," added Grimmett.

WREG reached out to the school but was told “no comment." WREG asked if parents were notified about the ongoing investigation but was again told no comment.

Grimmett says parents haven’t been notified.

"The only communication we’ve received is parents reaching out to us, who are in a similar situation as us," added Grimmett.

According to East Tate parents, this isn’t the only threat floating around. Parents tell WREG similar drawings and pictures threatening to harm teachers and students have popped up in restrooms at the school.

"It’s the question mark of who is doing this, it’s the question mark of why."

Grimmett says even if it turns out to be a prank, it’s no joking matter and there should be consequences, but he also believes parents deserve to know what’s going on at their child’s school.

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