Two thieves wanted for stealing at a popular shopping district in Senatobia

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SENATOBIA, Miss. -- A couple of Christmas Grinches are wanted for stealing from businesses and their customers at a popular shopping district in Senatobia.

The city's main street has all kinds of specialty shops with hundreds of ideas for the holidays.

WREG went to Senatobia Monday night and spoke with one mother of three who told us she's learned her lesson after her wallet was stolen.

"Oh my goodness, my business debit card, my credit cards, everything. My whole life story is there and they have it," said a woman at The Heritage Shop and Boutique.

Approximately $1,000 stolen from her purse at the store on Saturday. She didn't want to talk on camera but she walked WREG's Kristen Holloway through what happened.

"I was in my shop and I had about five clients at the time so I was super busy and I was by myself," said the woman.

"Two ladies walked in and they asked if we had boutique items and I said that we did and they came into my shop and they went into our back room which has clothing and jewelry."

The woman told WREG shortly after, one of the suspects asked her about a vest while holding it up and that's when she thinks the other suspect grabbed her wallet.

"I noticed it not long after they left when someone paid me with cash and I tried to put that in my wallet and it was gone," said the woman.

"My heart sank because I had been working a lot trying to get my kids' Christmas money together."

To make matters worse, after that, the two thieves went to Mimi's on Main just a block away and stole two more wallets, a purse and an undisclosed amount of cash. Police said they then drove to Walmart to spend the money.

"One of them did get away with purchasing quite a few gift cards at the Walmart self-checkout," said the woman. "It's very upsetting because I worked for that. That was for my children."

"It was mine and I just feel violated."

The woman told WREG she learned a valuable lesson and will be more prepared from now on.

To prevent this from happening again Senatobia Police said they`re going to be doing walk through`s. That means they will be getting out of their cars and walking in and out of businesses so people can see them.

If you have any information about this case, call the Senatobia Police Department at (662) 562-5643.