Young woman shot inside Orange Mound home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Memphis Police are searching for the suspect who opened fire on a woman inside her own home.

Friday morning neighbors were trying to get a look at the damage to the home in the 900 block of Greer in Orange Mound.

Shattered glass littered the ground and at least four bullet holes were visible in the front door.

"Too close for comfort," said Robert Fawcett. "It's sad."

Fawcett told WREG's Melissa Moon he heard five to six gun shots and ran to see what was going on.

"Because my son went to the store and I knew it was outside I was just hoping it wasn`t him getting shot out here."

Instead it was someone next door.

Police said a man knocked on the front door, then began shooting into the home. A 26-year-old woman inside was hit.

Neighbors said a young mother lives in the home with her son. They also said they saw a white vehicle drive away from the home.

The victim was rushed to the hospital by private vehicle. She is expected to be okay.