TBI’s findings in Jonathon Bratcher shooting to be made public

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A judge has granted a petition to make the TBI findings in the Jonathon Bratcher case available to the public.

Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich asked the judge to allow her office to put the files up on their website. This is the second time a petition like this has been granted.

Under state law, TBI investigations are sealed.

The last case to be made available to the public was the Darrius Stewart case.

The judge applauded Weirich for her willingness to be transparent.

The news comes a month after Weirich's office said the officers involved in the shooting would not face criminal charges because their actions were justified.

DA  Weirich's office declined to go on camera at the time but released a statement saying in part, "I believe a jury would find that the officers had lawful justification to fire their weapons at the suspect in self defense, in the defense of others and in order to affect an arrest."

Officers Clement Marks and Alexander Fleites shot and killed the 32-year-old back in January after he opened fire during a foot chase.

Bratcher jumped from a car police were pursuing off Mississippi Boulevard and South Parkway East. They said he fired at least one shot at officers before they returned fire.

WREG obtained cell phone video showing the moments after the shooting where you can see officers performing CPR on Bratcher. At one point, they push a dark object away from him. Looking at the video, it's difficult to tell what that object is.

Documents uncovered by WREG show he had a criminal record and served time in prison.