Four firefighters injured during four-car pileup near airport

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A four-vehicle pileup in the airport area sent four Memphis firefighters to the hospital.

WREG's Shay Arthur was told those six people involved in that crash are expected to be okay.

"That's a real busy intersection right there. Real busy."

Billy Martin lives near where this mangled mess blocked traffic for hours at Holmes and Malone Friday.

Right now it's unclear why the four vehicles collided but the Memphis Fire Department said Engine 57 was responding to a medical call around 10 this morning with lights and sirens.

"We always suggest when you see emergency vehicles be it police, be it fire, EMS, always pull to the right and allow them the right of way to make these calls," said Lt. Wayne Cook with the Fire Department.

While at the crash we saw for ourselves how busy the intersection is. Martin said he's seen crashes before.

"I've seen the cars hit so hard they've rolled off into a ditch and I've had to help them out of there."

He hopes there's change for the future.

"They really need a red light there. They could stand for a red light. I've seen a lot of bad wrecks at night time there."