Family: Three Memphis brothers injured in Gatlinburg fire are improving

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Three brothers are fighting to be three survivors. Branson, Jared and Wesley Summers were all injured in the Gatlinburg fire.

WREG's Bridget Chapman was told their family was trying to escape when a tree on fire fell in the road, blocking their path.

“The children basically walked through, ran through a wall of fire to get to where they were and were taken to the hospital,” said their uncle, Jim Summers.

Somehow the boys parents,’ Jon and Janet, went one way while the three brothers went the other -- All fighting through thick smoke and destruction.

“I don’t know if they collapsed, passed out [or] whatever, but they were found by the police and the police were able to call 911, that’s our understanding.”

The boys were taken to a hospital in Nashville where every day they’re re-gaining strength.

“They are improving and we’re in a better place now than we were when I first got to this hospital Tuesday morning.”

We’re told one of the 22-year-old twins, Jared, has moved out of the emergency room and is now walking and talking. The other twin, Wesley, is also no longer on a ventilator. The family is hopeful 23-year-old Branson will hopefully soon join them.

“The boys are stable," said their uncle. "They’re getting the best care in the world and we are so grateful for all the people that care and who’ve reached out.”

The family said they can only hope this good news continues with the boys parents, Jon and Janet, being found.

And they’re thankful the community has come together.

“The outpouring of love and affection that’s come from all over the country and the care they’ve received at this hospital has just been beyond anything I could ever have imagined in my life, ever.”

A donation page has been set up to help cover the boy’s medical expenses.

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