Pedestrian incidents continue to climb in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "It`s sad because you notice an increase of pedestrians being struck in Memphis."

According to police, between January and September of this year there were 24 fatal pedestrian crashes. In all, there have been 341 pedestrian crashes total and that number is continuing to grow. WREG asked if there are laws in place to control the issue of jaywalking.

We learned there`s a $50 fine and there are court fines that you have to pay.

Councilman Berlin Boyd thinks drivers need to pay more attention to pedestrians.

"If you are driving down some streets like riverside drive if you see crosswalks, slow down yield to the pedestrian."

In 2011, the City Council created an ordinance that holds drivers accountable for not paying attention to drivers crossing in the proper area. They also successfully voted to increase the once $5 fine for jay walking to $50.

"We don`t need to change anything. Now we have to get MPD to enforce jaywalking. It's on the book, we don`t need to make any changes."

Boyd thinks education will help turn around the deadly trend.