Pedestrian hit crossing Mt. Moriah outside of crosswalk

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MEMPHIS,  Tenn. -- Memphis police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident on Mount Moriah, just south of Poplar Avenue in front of Gibson's Donuts.

Pete Holtzclaw, 79, was several hundred feet from the nearest crosswalk when he was hit by a 2006 Honda Civic during rush hour.

People who work at Gibson's Donuts said they often saw the same elderly man cross the street in the middle of the road and were concerned about his safety.

"You see him multiple times a week and every single time he is probably in the street and you cringe because he does not look either way," said Don DeWeese, owner of Gibson's Donuts.

DeWeese hopes this will serve as a lesson to others to cross the street at a light.

Witnesses believe the elderly victim lived at the Mendenwood Apartments Senior Living community across the street.

The driver stayed on the scene. No charges were filed.