Online date ends in kidnapping, police chase

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MANDEVILLE, La. -- A barrage of gun fire could be heard just before the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office apprehended 41-year-old  Christopher Kent Garcy after he led police on a 45-minute-high speed chase.

“This started on the north shore as a kidnapping”

Police said a woman met Garcy on the internet and agreed to a date. She met with Garcy at a house in Lacombe where  Garcy pretended to be a police officer and arrested the woman for prostitution. He used Zip Ties to tie her up and blind folded her before putting her in his white Chevy pick-up truck pulling a utility trailer.

The kidnapping victim was able to escape from the kidnapper by jumping from the moving truck. She was able to call 911 and that's where the chase began.

“Spike strips were deployed to try and deflate the tires. He avoided them on numerous occasions during this chase,” said authorities.  “Shots were fired numerous times at the police by the perpetrator during this chase and return fire to the perpetrator by officers.”

Bryan Martinez and Joseph Lopez work at the Baskin Robins directly across from where Garcy wrecked his truck and caught some of the shoot out on video.

“I thought it was a couple of guys shooting back at the police like a robbery or something, but then they said it was one guy who just did a kidnapping, I thought that was crazy.”

After more than 2 hours, the standoff came to an end. With the help of Garcy’s mother, a negotiator was able to convince Garcy to turn himself over to police.

“We were able to successfully handcuff him, access him and get him into the ambulance.”

Garcy was taken away by ambulance with minor injuries.