Hernando Police offer House Watch services to residents

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HERNANDO, Miss. -- In his 3 years living in Hernando, Jason Sims says he's never had anyone break into his home.

"I believe it`s the safest city in Desoto County."

But this time of year, he said you can never be too careful, especially as many families plan trips out of town for the holidays.

"Everybody wants added security, especially around the holidays. That`s when everybody gets broken into.'"

Thanks to the Hernando Police Department, homeowners will be getting that added security. All residents have to do is fill out a House Watch form at least a week before hitting the road.

"Just do a little visual inspection, make sure no extra vehicles are there, anyone that looks suspicious," said Capt. Kyle Hodge with the Hernando Police Department.

Captain Hodge told WREG his department does this every year.

"They`re successful. Anytime marked police cars patrols areas, you`re gonna deter some crime."