Sevierville man tries to salvage what’s left of his grandparents home

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SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. -- This is all that's left of a home in Sevierville, one of the hardest hit areas. Three houses in the Upper Middle Creek Road neighborhood burned alone. A family of two lived here for 43 years so imagine the emotion when family member showed today.

"It's devastating, so many childhood memories just being with my grandparents and everything," said Dakota Cogdioo the homeowner's grandson. "I really hurt for them because they lost their house which was pretty much their life."

Uprooted trees, parts of the home still smoldering and nothing left but rubble.

"When I saw how fast the embers where flying from place to place and the heavy winds, it was just hectic," said Cogdioo.

Dakota Cogdioo grandparents owned this home. He came back today to salvaged some valuable items. He talks about each room of the house and tells me what he's searching for.

"We tried to find my grandmothers jewelry, we found my dad's and my uncles class rings but the main thing we're looking for right now is my grandfathers Purple Heart, he served in Vietnam and was critically injured," said Cogdioo.

A tough day for Dakota, who says he just had Thanksgiving dinner here last week.

"Just pray, not only for the mountains but for all these people that have lost everything ," said Cogdioo.

Dakota said for now his grandparents are staying with friends.