Officer spends Thanksgiving night in hospital after assault in Senatobia

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SENATOBIA, Miss. -- A mother was with her two daughters when police said an officer was assaulted in Senatobia, Mississippi Thanksgiving night.

The officer spent his Thanksgiving in the hospital.

It all started in the 300 block of Cauthen Circle when someone called 911 about a disturbance spilling into the street.

"A lot of commotion Thanksgiving night," said neighbor Mary Carter. "Police yelling. Telling them to calm down."

Neighbors said there was a fight, and one of the parties tried to leave in their car.

Detectives said the responding officer pulled over the car he believed was involved.

Police said while the officer was questioning Alexis Hullette and her teenage sister inside the car, their mom, Jennifer Hullette, pulled up beside them.

Detectives said moments later, the teenage girl got out of the car and started punching the officer, and then her mother and sister reportedly joined in.

It's unclear what set them off, because even four days after the incident, the police report is still not available.

The officer was taken to the hospital. Police told WREG he had scrapes, bruises, a cut on his eye and a minor concussion.

Police wouldn't say much about the fight just that another officer was there as the backup and was trying to calm down a nearby crowd.

The trio was finally put in handcuffs.

Neighbors told WREG while the officer looked to be in danger, they never saw him pull out a weapon.

"I just believe there were so many people out at the time. A lot of kids out. A whole lot of kids ran down there. That's probably why he didn't open fire," said Carter.

According to the jail, only the mother and teenage daughter were charged with assault.

All three are out on bond.

WREG will keep working to get a copy of that police report.