Fight for 15 moves into Memphis shuts down Union Ave

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Demanding 15 dollars an hour and saying they’ll accept nothing less.
Fast food workers shutdown blocks along Union for hours on Tuesday taking to the front lines of the fight being called “15" as promised.

"It's unfair, and we fed up if we have to start with fast food workers to do it we are going to stand on this front line," said protester Ashley Cathey.

The chanting could be heard up and down Union.At one point police formed a human chain and shut down lanes along Union leaving drivers with just one lane to pass by, but when police started to move the crowd, the protest quickly showed the lingering tensions with officers

As citizens of Memphis, we should be able to walk the streets. It’s a sidewalk. Why are you going to stop us," said Antonio Cathey.

Many standing on their feet on their off day, some testing officers and pushing beyond the points allowed but yelling the same mantra saying they are overworked and not paid nearly enough to do their jobs.

"Can’t nobody in corporate come in McDonald's and ring up a sandwich let alone flip a burger," added Ashley Cathey.

They also want better treatment.

"We’ve had drinks thrown on us, hot coffee thrown, spit in our face," said Ashley Cathey.

"It’s about our dignity and respect what we want and want we earn," added Ashley Cathey

Despite the obvious chaos the rally ended peacefully but the protesters say the fight for 15 is far from over.

"Until we get our 15 an hour we are not going to stop," added Antonio Cathey.