Couple robbed at gunpoint blocks from Cooper Street

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MEMPHIS, Tenn -- It's a part of town most people consider to be safe, but it was anything but Monday night.
A couple visiting from West Texas was robbed at gunpoint outside a home on the 2000 block of Harbert Avenue near Cooper Street as they were walking back from dinner. 
"This is a good neighborhood and they were only outside for a couple of minutes," said homeowner Alex Da Ponte, with whom the couple was staying.
According to police, the couple had passed on of the suspects on the sidewalk just moments before the robbery.
"He walked by and he said, ‘Hey’ to them at first, but then he turned around," said Da Ponte.
The first suspect was joined by a second, who the couple told police had a semiautomatic handgun.
The suspects made off with their phones, and the couple was unharmed.
But neighbors are worried that crime is making it's way to their usually safe neighborhood. 
Monday, WREG reported on a home invasion in the 400 block of South Holmes near Central Avenue in which a gun and $800 in cash was taken early Sunday morning.
“It's pretty disconcerting that something like that would happen in this neighborhood because I come in sometimes after dark," said homeowner Alice Milem.
Da Ponte told WREG the same suspects in Monday's robbery have robbed people in nearby neighborhoods before. 
Each time, they make their getaway in a white or silver station wagon.
"These two guys are keeping tabs on the neighborhood. They’re walking around. They park their car and then they start walking around," said Da Ponte.
WREG asked MPD if they were planning to increase patrols in the area, but never heard back.