Burn bans in Mississippi could soon be lifted with more rain

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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. -- Fire officials said they're happy to see recent rain in DeSoto County where they’ve had a burn ban in place for nearly two months.

They say if this rain keeps falling, they might lift the ban as soon as next week.

Nearby areas are also optimistic from this rainfall.

Lafayette County fire officials say in the past week, they’ve had a couple of reports of burn ban violations. No real damage has been caused, but they say they hope people can respect the ban while it’s in place.

It's something DeSoto County leaders say they’re proud their residents are doing.

“There’s a lot of respect and understanding that this burn ban is not just in place to protect the homeowner, it’s in place to protect the entire community," said Tanner Kuntz with DeSoto County.

Kuntz said they understand the need for people to do controlled burning but also want to keep everyone safe. DeSoto County officials said removing the burn ban might be brought up at a board meeting on Monday.