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Helena-West Helena Police stepping up patrols following recent violence

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HELENA- WEST HELENA, Ark. --Police in Helena-West Helena are stepping up patrols after what has been a violent Thanksgiving weekend that left one man dead.

Officers said a man was stabbed to death on Thanksgiving night, and hours later, another man shot into a car full of women.

Both crimes are considered separate and isolated incidents.

Markee Ross was charged with aggravated assault, while Anthony Brown was charged with murder.

Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown

Police said Brown killed Jarquis Johnson at a home on Edgewood Thanksgiving night. Friends and neighbors reported hearing arguing moments before the deadly stabbing.

"Before you know it we seen like a lot of police coming down here and they was carrying his body out."

Brown was discovered down the street drunk and covered in blood. Friends told WREG's Michael Quander the two men knew each other.

"We didn't think they was really just clashing into it."

While police work to figure out what lead up to the stabbing, loved ones said Johnson didn't deserve to die.

"He was a good person. He really was."

As for Ross, "he was in an altercation with a female."

Police told us he's the bad guy who shot into a car of four women around 2:30 Friday morning. It all started at the casino

Markee Ross

Markee Ross

across the bridge in Mississippi when some sort of altercation went down between Ross and his child's mother.

The suspect's friends said the victim started it.

"I'm thinking somebody started it with him for him to go to the extent he went."

However it was Ross who was charged for pulling the trigger. No one was hurt.

Police have deployed additional officers in high crime areas this weekend.

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