Couple embarrassed after Black Friday fail

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CARBONDALE, IL. -- Holiday shopping season is officially in full force, but a word to the wise: make sure you come prepared.

"The box wouldn't fit in the car!"

Yes. One couple in Illinois just simply were not thinking when they decided to buy a brand new flat screen TV before making sure they could transport it home.

"Obviously---- you have it right here," said the male shopper pointing to the TV sticking out of the open door. "A big TV does not fit in a small KIA."

"We're almost 30 years old--- and this is embarrassing," his wife added.

Even more embarrassing was the fact they had to call his parents to the rescue.

"Once we didn't fit it, he called his parents and said "You were right. I'm sorry."

Thankfully mom, who couldn't help but laugh at the situation, came to their aid.

"Had a great Thanksgiving dinner and everything was fine until they decided to go Black Friday shopping," she said. "Christmas, Thanksgiving- it's all about family and this Thanksgiving is one I don't think any of us are going to forget any time soon."