Memphis chef once homeless now helping others for Thanksgiving

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Memphis,TN. -- Before anyone called him chef, Will Reed found freedom in serving up good food.

"God blessed me with the gift to cook I have always been able to cook grew up in a bad neighborhood I was born in New Haven, Connecticut," said Reed.

For him picking up the spatula and putting things in the oven offered an escape during the darkest moments of life.

"I slept on park benches I slept wherever I could. When you are homeless you sleep wherever you can," added Reed.

Chef Reed is nearly brought to tears when he thinks about the tough moments that hurt, but helped him to get to the point where he’s able to serve others and bring smiles to their faces.

He says it is truly a labor of love.

"Now, I shed tears of joy…because God brought me out of a lot I saw more death and destruction than I did happiness growing up," said Reed.

Reed is now a corporate chef who travels the world rescuing struggling restaurants and on this Thanksgiving he’s a super hero of a different sort.

"You don’t know their struggle you don’t know what they’ve been thorough don’t put them down try to lift them up,"

Reed spends every Thanksgiving fixing plates for others.

He plans to travel the world sharing the message of lifting and helping one another.

Last year he served Thanksgiving dinner in Murfreesboro, this year he’s lending a hand to Cathedral Faith Community Church.

With each scoop, and each Thanksgiving plate filled with turkey dressing and all the fixings he’s hoping that people will follow his lead this holiday season.

"Everybody just give back just one time, if you feel great like I do, do it daily like I do, see how you feel If you do like I do, do it on a regular basis.

He says a little hope is all the world needs, and just a sprinkle of compassion all of which he believes can be found in good cooking and healthy servings of food for the soul.