Whitehaven woman continues to find abandoned dogs in wooded area

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "I feed in here, and I`ve made shelters."

Tonya Wigner makes a trip into the woods near her home in Whitehaven twice a day.

"I am trying to find viable dogs homes."

As she was doing this last night, she snapped a picture so disturbing we've had to blur it out.

"There was a dog dumped on top of a garbage bag dead, had been shot three times."

It's just one of dozens of dogs Wigner said she regularly finds shot or otherwise abused in the area.

"This happens weekly. Weekly!" she said.

For every dog she finds dead, she said there are many more she finds alive.

"They just come and they dump them. They just appear magically."

These are just some of the dogs Wigner said she's rescued; 119 so far this year.

"But now I`m asking for help. I need a bigger place so that I can hold more dogs to keep these dogs. They`re viable."

She hopes to find them homes.

"It consumes you because if you have any empathy, you wouldn`t stand for this."

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