Durham Bus Services responds following deadly bus accident

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Durham School Services released a response, something people have been waiting to her ever since a fatal crash killed five students in Chattanooga.

This is David Duke CEO of the company that operates the bus that crashed Monday. WREG showed the above video to parents.

Angela Roberts told WREG's Kristen Holloway, she wished he mentioned specific steps the company plans to take so this doesn't happen again.

"It gives some sort of comfort but I think he is just a speaker," she said. "I would wonder what was going to be done about it. We can't bring back our children. We would want to make sure if doesn't happen to any other parent."

Marshall Wood said hopefully the families of the victims can get more answers that what's on the video.

"It's a tragedy obviously you would want as much info as you can get but at this time I would think as a parent I would want people's prayers and thoughts and time to be with my family."

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