MAS rounds up stray dogs in the Highland Heights area

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- On Tuesday, the city of Memphis went after stray dogs, some of whom have been terrorizing people living in the Highland Heights area.

People living near Atlantic and Manhattan asked Memphis Animal Services and the councilman in their district, Worth Morgan, to do something about the aggressive dogs they say are making them afraid to go outside.

Animal control officers were able to round up 13 stray dogs and issued citations to pet owners who did not have their dogs spayed, neutered or up to date on their vaccinations.

Those officers also handed out dog food and leashes and even repaired one fence where a dog was getting out.

"There was a gentleman just as we pulled up and he was holding a metal bat and we go up and ask him 'Why do you have the bat' and he said 'Because there are stray pit bulls in the neighborhood,'" said Morgan.

Memphis Animal Services Director Alex Pugh admitted some of the aggressive dogs may have to be put down, but said they want to get as many as possible adopted.

"We've made sure that our facility we have space to accommodate that and we will be highlighting those animals and be offering adoption specials to people in this community," said Pugh.

Pugh said the goals is to get aggressive dogs of the street, educate pet owners and do something about the pet overpopulation.

She said the stray sweep is a pilot program they would like to do in other communities, but said it will  mean getting people in those neighborhoods involved.