Breaking down Memphis homicide numbers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police announced it surpassed the 200-homicide mark Monday. Police even responded to the city's 201st homicide Tuesday.

WREG spoke with police to clarify the numbers accompanying the grim statistic.

Of the 200 homicides, Memphis Police said 146 have been solved. Of those, police said at least 100 of the victims knew their killer.

That left 46 solved cases, where police said they didn't know the relationship between suspect and victim.

WREG contacted other police departments of comparable size or geographical proximity. So far, Nashville Police said they had 65 homicides this year. Officials couldn’t give an exact number but said "a lot" are unsolved.

New Orleans Police said they've had 159 homicides in 2016.

Neither city had records immediately available for how many of the suspects knew the victim.

Memphis Police also said 70 of the solved homicides were gang-related.