Woman talks about helping 5 y/o hit by a car

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG spoke with the woman who helped a five-year-old after he was hit by a vehicle on Winchester.

Friday afternoon Memphis Police said that boy is still in critical condition.

Markings from the investigation were visible Friday on busy Winchester.

Witnesses to that horrible crash said they're a sad reminder to have an important conversation with your children.

"I didn't leave the police precinct until like 11:30 last night," said Kimberly Pruitt. Pruitt witnessed the crash.

"I don't know his name or nothing yet but I did talk to his mother. She couldn't talk, she was so upset yesterday," explained Pruitt.

Pruitt was there just after 5:30 Thursday night when she said she saw three boys trying to cross Winchester Road from the Bent Tree Apartments on their way to the store. She watched the two older boys make it.

"When they ran back on the curb that's when I noticed the little boy was up under the truck. So I asked the man to back the truck up because his leg, his thigh were under so after that we had to direct traffic. It was horrible."

Other drivers began to stop.

"Another lady pulled up. She was a nurse. She did a little bit of CPR on him. He responded. He gripped her hand," she said.

Many people WREG talked to said drivers tend to speed on Winchester and there's a lot of apartment complexes off the road, but few crosswalks.

"Have that conversation. Don't let your kids cross by themselves," said one woman living in the area.

Pruitt, who has a seven year-old daughter, said she had a difficult, but important conversation.

"She was with me yesterday. She also seen it so she got a lot of questions for me last night."

Memphis Police said the driver stayed on the scene of the crash and is not facing charges.