Warrant issued for homeowner with 11 cars in his front yard

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Whitehaven man on the docket for court Friday after failing to comply with code orders. He was issued several violations for having 11 cars in his yard. Neighbors told WREG the cars are an eyesore and they want them removed.

WREG was in environmental court and learned the homeowner's fate and got reaction from neighbors.

"Bench warrant at $10,000 bond," said Judge Larry Potter.

$10,000 dollar bond, that's what the judge set the bond too after issuing a warrant to Christopher Branch's arrest. Branch failed to comply with code orders, keeping several cars in his yard. However, Branch didn't even show up to court today.

"He's not intended on getting him a shop, he's intending on wrecking and ruining the neighborhood," said Pat Marshall a neighbor.

Back in October when WREG was at Branch's home, he had 11 cars in the driveway, on the street and in the grass. Friday an inspector said he had six cars in the yard and he's still not in compliance.

Marshall said he's fed up.

"I want to see the cars removed, I want to see the house cleaned up because everybody over there that's paying mortgage deserves a right to have a decent clean neighborhood," said Marshall.

Judge Larry Potter said the reason he set the bond so high is because Branch will not do what he has been asked to do which is to clean up his yard.

After 15 closed violations dating back to 2013, Marshall told us at this point he wants all the cars to be tagged and towed.

"If he was dealing with one car that he could put in his garage and nobody never see it that would be a problem, but he is basically saying I'm going to destroy everything around me and how is that fair," said Marshall.

The ordinance in that area states you can only have four cars and they must be parked on the driveway, not in the street or on the grass.