Woman killed at Dyersburg child’s party identified; six others wounded

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DYERSBURG, Tenn. –At least one of the people shot at a Dyersburg party returned to the scene of the shooting early Friday morning.

WREG’s Luke Jones said the woman, still wearing a hospital gown, was limping when she entered the home.

shanice-amersonShanice Amerson, who was 21 and a mother of two, was killed.

Six other people were wounded in the Thursday night shooting during a child’s birthday party.

Two others, one of whom was a 6-year-old child, were flown to Memphis for treatment.

According to police, the shooting happened in a residential area on Longfellow.

Dyersburg Mayor John Holden confirmed there was an incident earlier in the day at the same residence.

Authorities think the two are related and this act of violence was not random.

Several others were taken to the hospital in Dyersburg where it subsequently was put on lockdown.

Hospital policy dictates when multiple victims are brought in from the same crime scene, the emergency room goes into lockdown for everyone’s safety.