Woman charged with child abuse after 7-year-old boy dies

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A South Memphis mother is behind bars after her 7-year-old was rushed to the hospital with bruises to his body and head. He later died.

Wednesday evening, people in their neighborhood learned news that the little boy, Tevaun Williamson, is dead.

"That's shocking," said one neighbor.

Police said his mother, Michelle, called 911 just after 1 a.m. for help. Paramedics rushed the child to the hospital, but there was nothing they could do.

Michelle was charged with child abuse.

A man who lived in the home in the mother and children told WREG he didn't hear anything, and wasn't even aware Williamson was abusing any of her three sons. He said his mother recently let Williamson move in with them while she got back on her feet.

"She is not a bad mother, she's just in a bad time right now," he added.

His mother, who was home with Williamson when she called 911, wouldn't answer any questions as she arrived home.

Neighbors said the 7-year-old was autistic and never spoke. Williamson was trying to take care of him on her own with what little resources she had.

"I told her i was going to play Santa Claus last year, so I went to different stores and got them three different outfits," said the neighbor.

"I knew she was struggling. I was trying to help."

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