Little boy befriends neighborhood garbage man

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PLANO, TX -- Every trash day, 2-year-old Lance Rufus gets to see his best friend, the neighborhood garbage man.

The youngster rushes outside on Mondays, excited to see his friend, James Jackson, and the garbage truck the man drives.

"It's like, he's eating breakfast, he hears it, he stops and says, ‘Garbage truck!’ We have to get him out of the high chair and run to the back,” Lance’s mom said.

The boy even dressed as his friend for Halloween, complete with mini-recycling bin and reflective vest.

"It makes it all sweet when you see someone who really likes what you do," James said.

The unlikely pair formed their friendship last July when the Rufus family moved in.

Lance was always excited when the garbage truck drove by and would wave at James.

James gave his friend a toy bank in the shape of a recycling bin, and Lance hasn’t put it down since.