Seventy-seven Mississippi counties under a burn ban

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TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. --When it comes to harvesting pecans, Wardell Wilson is a pro.

He told WREG's Michael Quander it's taken longer for the nuts to fall this year because of the dry conditions across the state.

"You got to have the rain. It's a must down here in the South," he said.

The dry conditions prompted Governor Phil Bryant to issue a burn ban for much of the state including all of the counties in the WREG viewing area.

In the past couple of days, Tunica County firefighters responded to about four or five fires. They county is now reminding people they can't shoot fireworks, spark campfires or bonfires during the ban.

"The embers will fly -- they will travel. You'd be surprised. They will travel 15-20 miles," said Wilson.

"And that can be pretty dangerous," replied Quander.

"Very dangerous. It could start a fire 15 miles down the road and you start it and you won't even know that."