MPD’s Homicide Division is fully staffed

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man was shot and taken to the hospital in North Memphis around 11:15 Sunday night.

Just an hour earlier, a car full of people was shot at near Winchester and Clarke in Hickory Hill. The driver was struck, causing him to hit a light pole.

Another man was shot in Whitehaven at the Summit Park Apartments Sunday evening. The alleged shooter is now behind bars.

Thankfully no one died in any of these shootings, but of the city's 193 homicides this year, 53 remain unsolved.

For months, MPD has dealt with under-staffing in its Homicide Division. Now, it's fully staffed with 21 sergeants.

Mike Williams with the Memphis Police Association hopes this will spur more cracks in cases.

"When you have individuals that that`s their assignment, that`s where they`re gonna be — and sometimes those guys stay up their five or ten years or longer — so they develop a knack for trying to solve those crimes."