Memphis teacher reaches students through song

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A Memphis teacher is getting attention after a song she sings with her students is going around the Internet.

It's a catchy tune with a deeper message.

"It's really helping them stay positive throughout the day," said Heather Finch.

Second grade teacher Heather Finch sings the song with her students at St. John Catholic School every morning, creating a relationship the school prides itself on.

"We know we can't reach kids academically if they don't have a caring and supportive relationship with the teacher," said Principal Elizabeth Gonzalez.

The lyrics promote being positive and enthusiastic with learning.

"It starts like, 'Walk into class and I know my teacher gets me,'" said Finch as she started singing the song.

"So it's trying to motivate them to know we have a connection with me and them," she added.

She said the idea came from another teacher's post she saw online last week. She knew the kids would love it and said they now perform it twice a day.

"It gets us ready. Gets us ready for school," said student Alexander Garrison.

Others are picking up on it too.

"We've had so many teachers reach out to us with positive encouragement and that's been incredible," said Principal Gonzalez.

Not to mention the millions of views it's gotten on social media.

The stars of the video feeling proud..

"I like that a lot of people like the video," said second-grader Kelsee Turner.