Management company looks to make changes after rash of violence

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Some people in Whitehaven are living in fear after a spike in violence near their homes.

In the past three weeks, there have been three shooting at the Summit Park Apartments. The latest shooting was Sunday night.

Hospital officials told WREG's Shay Arthur the 25-year-old man is in good condition. Memphis police arrested 31-year-old Tommie Carter after detectives said the two had run-ins in the past.

But Michelle Glover knows this shooting is far from the first at the Whitehaven complex. Her friend lives here.

"She seen some guy shooting in broad daylight bout a week ago when the kids was outside."

On Monday,  the guard shack at the front of the complex said empty, but we did see armed guards working in pairs walking around the complex.

"It's a big property. It's 400 units. There's lots of folks living there who deserve to feel safer and be safe," said Janine Heiner Buchanan with Safeways.

ALCO, the management company, said they're working to make that happen.

"Summit Park- I actually spoke with the management company today."

Heiner Buchanan said Safeways will also be lending a hand. The non-profit helps apartment complexes create a plan to make their property safer, like adding more lights or cutting bushes to improve sight lines.

"A plan to reduce the crime and improve not just actual security but people's feeling secure on the site."