Police: Jonesboro man attacks housemate, chases him with machete

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Serguyo Chavez Mendez

JONESBORO, Ark. — A Jonesboro man is behind bars, accused of attacking his housemate and chasing him with a machete.

The victim, Corey Wright, told police he had been living with the suspect, Serguyo Chavez Mendez, 28, for four days and works with him, but he doesn’t know him well.

Wright told police Mendez came into the house drunk Sunday evening and told him he was insulted Wright didn’t respect him.

Wright said he told Mendez he did respect him, but then Mendez hit him in his face with his elbow.

When Wright told him to stop, he said Mendez took a machete from the couch, where he sleeps, and started screaming and chasing him around with it.

Police said Mendez chased him outside with the machete, where a witness saw them and called police.

Police arrested Mendez, and he is charged with aggravated assault.

Officers took the machete into evidence.