County Commission working to fight blight

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Shelby County Commissioners said workers are making progress in cleaning up blight. WREG showed you last month when its citizens complained to the commission about county owned properties that had become eyesores.

"15-20 is what was brought to our attention. There are many more than what was brought to our attention that need to be addressed."

Shelby County Commissioner Eddie Jones estimated that out of 6,000 county owned properties, most of them are unkempt.

"If we were to take a crew out and identify all the county owned properties you would see that about 60% have code violations."

WREG asked if identifying and assessing every single property could be the next step in addressing the obvious issue.

"Is that something that you plan on doing?"

"That would take manpower but the administration would have to be willing," he replied.

It's something that Jones said he will request from the commission since he said the blight problem stretches from north to south in the county.

"You have properties that are burned that need to be demolished that are still standing next door to occupied structures."

He's now in the process of working with Bluff City Blight patrol to come up with suggestions and recommendations to keep the commission on task when it comes to putting the money set aside for blight towards the problem.