Package thief caught on camera

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An East Memphis neighborhood is at the center of a string of package thefts, and police need your help catching at least one of the bad guys.

Newly released surveillance video shows a man going up to a home near Greer and Poplar last week and casually walking away with a package that wasn't his.

There's been a bunch of these package thefts reported in that community, and police now have it on video.

This all happened in a neighborhood tucked right across the street from East High School and a couple of blocks away from Poplar Plaza.

People who live there say this isn't the first time criminals targeted their community.

You can see the guy walk up, go straight for the package and — in a matter of seconds — he's gone.

Memphis Police say thieves hit several houses in this area.

Noel Alsbrook had a box full of baby clothes delivered, but criminals snatched it off his front porch before he got home.

"We found the package opened and tossed into our neighbor's yard," Alsbrook said. "It made me question the neighborhood. I have two small children."

Neighbors say the community was plagued with a rash of home invasions earlier this year.

Police stepped up patrols, and homeowners say the break-ins stopped, but "the second they stopped the packages started coming up missing."

It's a worry residents have especially as we get close to the holidays.