Saluting a World War II Veteran

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- Early Morris Jr laid back on his favorite chair.

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. -- WREG heard a story of war times, long ago, from a World War II veteran himself who served in Germany.

Early Morris Jr. sat back in his favorite chair Friday.

His friends call him Buddy.

His wife Paula helped him during our interview.

Buddy is 90, hard of hearing and has mild Alzheimer's, but boy, does he have a fascinating and honorable story.

In 1945, he was drafted into the army during WWII and sent to boot camp a day after graduation.

Shortly after that, he boarded a boat in New York.

"They didn't tell us where we were going just that we were going to Europe," he said.

Buddy was sent to Germany and helped with the recovery after Hitler's reign of terror.

He said the Germans appreciated America's aid. As a thank you, they would bring the soldiers kegs of beer and pastries.

However, Buddy said it was draining and difficult at times. He also witnessed the Nuremberg Trials.

Buddy got to go home in 1947.

"It's been a huge, huge part of his life. He talks about it all the time," said Paula.

Buddy has shared his stories with his wife. The pictures from that time have been kept safe so his three children, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren can relive the memories too.

"It's been wonderful for me. It's been like being a part of history myself," said Paula.

Paula said Buddy is as patriotic as you get.

Not just because his 90th birthday fell on Election Day or an American flag waves in his front yard, but because he's proud of his country, and the men and women who fought to keep our freedom.

"We owe all these men and women a tremendous debt. Tremendous," said Paula.

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