Identity theft victim still trying to catch suspects

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A woman said she's the victim of identity theft and she wants to warn others.

It's taken months but Kerry Curtis said she finally has her money back.

"It's been a nightmare."

Curtis is trying to identify two women. She said police in Cullman, Alabama sent her several surveillance images from a Walmart where investigators believe they used her bank information.

Curtis said the saga started several months ago when she was dropping her child off at Summer Camp off Germantown Parkway.

Within the seconds she was walking her child into the camp thieves shattered her car window and stole her purse.

"I was calling the bank and canceling Target cards, bank cards, things like that. My husband was on the identity theft website signing up for everything," she told WREG.

Unfortunately it didn't help. Curtis said the thieves used her driver's license number for checks and racked up thousands in purchases. Many of the charges were made in Alabama.

"They thought that actually they're going to different counties cause it's such a headache to file a police report and it takes longer to get checks bounced back and everything back."

But Curtis didn't give up. She's talked to countless detectives and got all of her money back.

"I just don't want it to happen to anyone else."

Now she's warning others to stay vigilant.

"They said that schools and daycares were hotspots because mothers have their kids backpacks and stuff like that. They leave their purse in thinking they're secured."

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