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Woman asked to prove she’s pregnant in the middle of Walmart

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NEW MEXICO — For Patricia Pautke, going to Walmart is a fairly normal thing to do, but one trip quickly turned embarrassing.

According to KOB, Pautke went into the store to browse the Halloween merchandise with her son. On her way out, an employee stopped her in the middle of the entrance.

““He said, ‘Ma’am are you pregnant?,’ and I said ‘Yes I am,’ and he said, ‘You did not look pregnant five minutes ago,’” said Pautke. “He said, ‘I’m going to need you to lift up your shirt right now and prove to me that you don’t have anything under your shirt.’”

After pulling up her shirt and proving she was indeed pregnant, the employee told her to have a good day and let her leave.

“I couldn’t believe this happened to me,” she told the news station. “I’ve never heard of this happening before and how humiliated and embarrassed I was that they didn’t even take me into a room.”

Pautke eventually filed a police report. A Walmart spokesperson said they are looking into the situation and issued an apology.