Voters with election fatigue ready for race to end

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A little rain this morning couldn't keep people away from the polls in Shelby County.  In fact, with heavy early voting election officials were predicting record numbers today.

Many voters told us they knew exactly who they were going to be voting for before they got there.

"I would have voted for anyone who ran against Donald Trump," said Debbie Ainsworth.

Most said this election cycle it wasn't about the personalities, but rather the parties and the issues.

"It is all about who was they want to be the next supreme Court justices. If you want a more liberal judge you vote for one and if you want a more conservative judge you vote for the other," said Ellis Winter who told us he was voting for Trump.

Those casting their ballots told us this was one of the strangest and ugliest presidential election they could remember and they'll be relieved when it's finally over.

"I'm glad the commercials are going to be gone, the signs are going to be gone and the arguing, but I think the arguing is going to continue," said Winter.

Voters told us while they might not like the outcome they'll accept it and believe the country can move forward and come together.

"I mean we have no choice," said Iesha Simms.

If you have a question about your voting precinct in Shelby County click right here to find the location.

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