University of Mississippi preparing for potential campus unrest following election

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Oxford,MS.–The university of Mississippi is preparing just in case election results spark some on campus unrest.

Four years ago hundreds of students marched in a mob across campus—two people were even arrested for disorderly conduct following the 2012 presidential election.

“4 years ago there was a blow up on campus now we are looking to prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” said University of Mississippi police chief Kim Potts.

Keeping the previous election response in mind Potts says he won’t be caught unprepared this go around.

Campus police have set up emergency command stations to make sure they can quickly respond to issues at a moments notice.

“I think this is a special election, I know that emotions are high so tightened security would definitely be a good thing,” said Bella St. Amant.

The campus says they’ve planned events to give students on either side of the election productive ways to express their feelings rather than resorting to mob mentality.

“There is just no telling what is going to happen tonight, the chancellor released a statement to our email about how he hopes we will all just consider other people just watch our actions,” said Sally Boswell.

Trusting the students to watch their actions but also watching them to make sure that everything stays under control.

Fully staffed and ready for whatever election results bring.

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