Voters report machine issues at the polls

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- As voters cast the firstĀ  ballots in the 2016 presidential election, several have run into problems including former Tennessee Attorney General Mike Cody.

"The first time I tried, I hit Cohen and it defaulted or bounced up to the first person on the ballot," he told WREG.

Instead of selecting the candidate he wanted, Cody said the machine he used at the early voting location picked someone else.

"He said `Well, lets try it again'. I tried it again and it worked."

He got the issue fixed after another try, but said it sparked some concerns.

"It`s just important for people to have confidence that if they try to vote correctly, that it would register who they want to vote for."

Shelby County Administrator of Election Linda Phillips told WREG they've heard of similar problems and explained some voters think the election is being rigged.

"Our elections are very, very secure. People who think they`re rigged are basically lying."

She explained the reason some voters may see their votes change is because of the pressure sensitive machines.

"Keep your hands, keep your jewelry. A lady with a large charm bracelet was changing - she was swearing up and down it was changing. No it wasn`t. It was her charm bracelet touching the screen," said Phillips.

She said if you treat the machine like a cell phone or a tablet it won't work correctly.

To avoid any issues, officials said simply use the stylus provided at each station and make sure you review your votes before submitting your ballot.

"So, the election night results that we present will be an honest reflection of how Shelby County voters voted."

"I have no doubt that if people vote carefully, it`ll reflect the proper vote for them."