Police investigating viral video of baby, drugs

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police are investigating the shocking video of a local father weighing what appears to be drugs while holding his 10-month-old baby.

"I got dope over there in the cut," the man is heard saying.

"I got scales with the-- man, I be going up."

The live Facebook video- which we blurred to protect the identity of the child- showed a substance sitting on top of a scale while the little boy watched TV in daddy's arms.

All of this while several adults sat around watching in the background.

Police said they are aware of the video and launched a full investigation after WREG started asking questions.

"Doing exactly the opposite thing of what a responsible parent is supposed to be doing."

Mary Jane Thompson with the Exchange Club Family Center said kids who grow up around parents using drugs may have low self esteem or may even end up using drugs themselves.

"The children feel unimportant, they feel rejected."

The parents of the child in the video said they're good parents who work hard to provide for their family.

The told WREG no one ever uses drugs around the children, and while the video is concerning, the parents don't want things to be taken out of context or blown out of proportion.

While police are working to figure out if any crimes were committed here, experts remind Memphians to speak up ifs there is ever a concern about the safety of a child.

"The adults that were there, the neighbors who know what's going on in that house have a certain responsibility for what happens in that household and those children."